About company


Welcome to the Vinyra website! 

Our Mission is to create an environmentally friendly decor that inspires and makes to fall in love!

Our company was established in 2013 in Dnipro, Ukraine.

We started our journey by making a vinyl clock. Still, now we offer a wide range of vinyl decor, plywood, and other materials decor.

We create only high-quality clocks with the author’s design and reliable mechanism. We use only high-quality equipment and ensure high safety during the work process!

Each of our team members is motivated and in love with their work.

Since 2017, the brand Vinyra has been presented on Amazon!

Handmade in Europe with love. We love what we do!

Your Vinyra Team!


We are the owners of patent for laser cutting technology and the "Vinyra" trademark

Our production facilities